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 Rollover Dj de Jet

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Rollover Dj - Jet sur
Song: Rollover DJ Artist: Jet Album: Get Born Tabbed by Katie Lawlor Contact me at Hey, this is an awesome song. Standard tuning, pretty easy. Check out my other tabs of Timothy, another awesome song by my favorite Aussies, Jet, and Mr. Brightside, by the amazing Killers. Enjoy! Intro: C D D C D C C G5 G5 C D D C D C G e----------------------------3--3---------------------3 B---5---7---7--5---7--5--5---3--3---5--7--7--5--7--5--3 G---5---7---7--5---7--5--5---0--0---5--7--7--5--7--5--4 D---5---7---7--5---7--5--5---0--0---5--7--7--5--7--5--5 A---3---5---5--3---5--3--3----------3--5--5--3--5--3--5 E----------------------------3--3---------------------3 Verse: "Got your ryhmes going round..." D D G/B Cadd9 e---------------------------- B---3--3-----------3--3--3--3 G---2--4-------2---0--0--0--0 --C that 3x, then D---0--0--3-4--0---0--0--2--2 and open A and repeat A------------------2--2--3--3 till chorus E---------------------------- Chorus: "Hey, Rollover DJ, your spinning..." D----C----F----G email me if you have any questions. Good Luck!