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 Wind Cries Mary de Jimi Hendrix

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Wind Cries Mary - Jimi Hendrix sur
This is just a little riff you can do along with the song. It sounds pretty good with it and its really easy. What you do is rest for the intro then when the main riff comes on you play this... E----------------------------------------------| B----------------------------------------------| G----------------------------------------------| D--9-8-7-444------9-8-7-444--------------------| A----------------------------------------------| E----------------------------------------------| Then you can do that pretty much through the whole song excluding the intro and chorus. Towards the end you can do another little riff like this... E----------------------------------------------| B----------------------------------------------| G---------11-------------11--------------------| D--9-8-7----------9-8-7------------------------| A----------------------------------------------| E----------------------------------------------| I mean its really easy but i'm only 13 so what the hell...