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 Bold As Love de Jimi Hendrix

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Bold As Love - Jimi Hendrix sur
Artist: Jimi Hendrix Album: Axis:Bold As Love Song: Bold As Love A: 002220 or 007650 E:022100 F#m:244222 D:000232 Bm:024432 G:355433 G6:466544 Note: This is VERY basic. A friend of mine gave me some of the chords and I got the rest on my own. It does not sound right if you play it with the recording, but if you lay the chords and sing it correctly, it sound fine. This is just a basic outline, no solo. A E F#m D A E Anger! He smiles towering in shiny metallic purple armor. Queen Jealousy envy waits F#m D D A behind him, her firey green gown stares at the grassy ground. Blue are the life-giving Bm G D A waters taken for granted, they quietly understand. Once happy turquoise armies lay Bm G G6 opposite ready, but wonder why the fight is on. A E F#m G A E F#m G A E But they're all bold as love. Yes they're all bold as love Yeah! They're all bold F#m G as love. Just ask the Axis...He knows ev'ry thing* A E F#m D A My red is so confident he flashes portraits of war, and visions of euphoria. Orange is E F#m D D A young, full of daring, but very unsteady for the first go round. My yellow in this case is not Bm G D A so mellow, in fact I'm trying to say, it's frightened like me. And all these emotions of mine F#m G G6 keep pulling me from giving my love to a rainbow like you, but I'm uh... (Chorus) *"He knows ev'rything" second time only I don't know what the chords are when the song fades back in, but I'm guessing they're the same as the verse. I'm probably wrong. In any case, enjoy the song! No Worries! Bill Schofield (and Caroline)