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 Foxy Lady de Jimi Hendrix

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Foxy Lady - Jimi Hendrix sur
From uunet!!!mhall Sat Jun 13 13:03:23 PDT 1992 Article: 4857 of alt.guitar Path:!uunet!!!mhall Newsgroups: alt.guitar Message-ID:> Organization: University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand Lines: 120 Someone made a request for some Hendrix tab a wee while ago. Here's my version of Foxy Lady. Most of this (as in the chord shapes) was sussed out from watching the video "Jimi Plays Monterey." This is my first attempt at posting some tab, so please excuse it if its a bit unorthodox. Key: / - slide up \ - slide down bu - bend up (eg 2bu4 is fretted at the second fret, the note is bent up to the note at the fourth fret) h - hammer on (eg 2h4 is note at second fret, hammer on to note at the fourth fret) p - pull off. Foxy Lady - Jimi Hendrix ("Yeah! Lets get down to business, just gimme one second to get down to business.") Intro - Basically Jimi plays the first note with heaps of vibrato. He starts off with the volume control of his guitar turned right down, strikes the note and then brings the volume control up, so that the note rises to a scream. vibrato F#7(#9) - I think - or otherwise its F#m7 ----------------|----5-x-----5-x-----5-5--------| ----------------|----5-x-----5-x-----5-5--------| -16-------------|-------------------------------| ----------------|--------4-4--------------------| ----------------|--------------------------2-3-4| ------------16\2|2-2-------------2-2-----5------| Thumb F#7(#9) ----5-x-----5-x-----5-5--------|----5-x-----5-x-----5-5--------| ----5-x-----5-x-----5-5--------|----5-x-----5-x-----5-5--------| -------------------------------|-------------------------------| --------4-4--------------------|--------4-4--------------------| --------------------------2-3-4|--------------------------2-3-4| 2-2-------------2-2-----5------|2-2-------------2-2-----5------| Now you know - you're a cute little heart-breaker F#7(#9) ----5-x-----5-x-----5-5--------|----5-x-----5-x-----5-5---------| ----5-x-----5-x-----5-5--------|----5-x-----5-x-----5-5---------| -------------------------------|---------------------------2h4p2| --------4-4--------------------|--------4-4---------------------| --------------------------2----|--------------------------2-----| 2-2-------------2-2-----5-----5|2-2-------------2-2-----5-------| Fo-xy And you know, you're a sweet little love-maker F#7(#9) B ----5-x-----5-x-----5-5--------------| ----5-x-----5-x-----5-5-------4-4-x-x| ------------------------------4-4-x-x| --------4-4-------------4-----4-4-x-x| --------------------------0-2-2-2-x-x| 2-2-------------2-2------------------| Fo-xy F# E F# E 2---2---x-x-x-2-2|0-------------------|2---2---x-x-x-2-2|0------------------| 2---2---x-x-x-2-2|0-------------------|2---2---x-x-x-2-2|0------------------| 3---3---x-x-x-3-3|1--------2/7-7-9-7--|3---3---x-x-x-3-3|1--------3bu4-2-3--| 4---4---x-x-x-4-4|2--------2/7-------9|4---4---x-x-x-4-4|2-----------------4| 4---4---x-x-x-4-4|2-------------------|4---4---x-x-x-4-4|2------------------| 2---2---x-x-x-2-2|0-------------------|2---2---x-x-x-2-2|0------------------| Thumb I wana take you Home I won't do you no Harm F# E F# - strike chord and then cut off sharply 2---2---x-x-x-2-2|0---0------------|2-------| 2---2---x-x-x-2-2|0---0------------|2-------| 3---3---x-x-x-3-3|1---1------------|3-------| 4---4---x-x-x-4-4|2---2-----0-2-0--|4-------| 4---4---x-x-x-4-4|2---2-0h2-------2|4-------| 2---2---x-x-x-2-2|0---0------------|2-------| Thumb You got to be all Mine Oooh! foxy lady! The second verse is played much the same as the first, but with different embilishments is the chords - Hendrix seemed able to invent them on the spot. The lead in to the solo goes like: ---------------------17bu19-etc----------- /14----/14 /14---------------------------- ----14---------14------------------------- ------------------16---------------------- ------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------ If anyone has managed to suss out a decent sounding solo for this song (like Jimi plays it differently every time!) let me know. I'd also be keen to get my hands on tab for the solo of Stairway to Heaven, if anyone has it. Mark Hall University of Waikato New Zealand email