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 Freedom de Jimi Hendrix

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Freedom - Jimi Hendrix sur
Freedom By: Jimi Hendrix Cry of Love Hey, I just bought this book titled : "In Deep with Jimi Hendrix." Yah, I kinda think it sounds like a porno title too. Anyways, it has some parts of songs tabbed, but they are incomplete. One of them is 'Freedom.' I love this song, here goes: Basic Riff: e---------------------|----------------------| B---------------------|-(6)(6)---------------| G-----6---------6-6-4-|--6--6----------6-6-4-| D-----6---------6-6-4-|--6--6----------6-6-4-| A-----4-------2-4-4-2-|--4--4--------2-4-4-2-| E-------0-2-4---------|-------0-2b-4---------| Part right before bridge: e----------------|-------------| B----------------|-------------| G----------------|-----------2-| D----------------|-----2---4---| A--------------2-|---4---------| E----0-0-2---4---|-------------| Bridge Riff full bend e---------------^---| e-------------------| B------------4_/----| B-------------------| G------------4------| Twice then... G-------------x-2---| D-------------------| D-----------x-x-----| A-----2--4----------| A-----2--4--x-------| E-----0--2----------| E-----0--2----------| Part of the solo section (2:13 on cd) e-----------------------------|------------------------| B-----------------------------|------------------------| G-----------------------------|------------------------| D-----4-4-4-4-4--2-1----------|-------------4/6--------| A--------------------4------1-|---2---2-3-4------------| E----------------------2------|------------------0---0-| Outro Part That "^" is a hammer-on here. e--------------|------------|----------------|------------|------------| B--------------|------------|----------------|------------|------------| G----------^---|--9---^-----|---------11--^--|----7--^----|------9--^--| D---------9-11-|----11-9----|-------11---7-9-|------9-7---|----9---5-7-| A--------------|---------10-|-----9----------|----------8-|--7---------| E--------------|------------|----------------|------------|------------| e----------|--------------|------------|----4-4--7-7--10-10--13-13-16-| B----------|--------------|------------|----4-4--7-7--10-10--13-13-16-| G--5-------|--------7--^--|---4---^----|----4-4--7-7--10-10--13-13-16-| D----7-5---|------7---4-6-|------6-4---|----3-3--6-6--9--9---12-12-15-| A--------5-|----5---------|----------5-|----4-4--6-6--10-10--12-12-16-| E----------|--------------|------------|------------------------------| Ok here's how it fits together Basic Riff (br): You got my pride hangin outta my bed You been messin with my life, so I brought my lead. Even messin with my children, and you screamin at my wife, Get off of my back if you wanna get out of here alive. The Chrorus Riff (which i don't know so i didn't include, SOMEONE HELP!) Freedom (freedom) give it to me (thats what i want now) Freedom (freedom) give it to me (thats what i need now) Freedom (freedom) give it to me (to live) Freedom (freedom) give it to me (so i can give) BR Youve got my heart ?speakin 'lectric water? Youve got my soul screamin and hollerin you know you hooked my girlfriend, you know the drugstore man but i dont need it now, just tryin to slap it out or her hand. Chorus again Bridge: You don't have to say that you love me if you don't mean it, you better believe If you need me or you just want to bleed me, you better stick in your dagger in someone else, so i can leave. solo section BR: Right on, straight ahead etc. Outro Questions, Comments......feel free. Join the greatest digest in the land, hey-joe send e-mail to, title message "subscribe" "I pick up my axe and fight like a farmer yeah, but you still blast me down to the ground." -JMH