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 Like A Rolling Stone de Jimi Hendrix

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Like A Rolling Stone - Jimi Hendrix sur
The Hendrix version played at Monterey is virtually identical to the one posted below with the exception that he starts the song by playing the chorus in power chords. Get the rhythm off of the album :) It's approximately: E|-----------------------------------|-------------------------------------- B|-----------------------------------|-------------------------------------- G|--5---X-------------------555555/7-|--5--/9----------------------55555-5-- D|--5---X---3-3----3/5--5---555555/7-|--5--/9------XX3-3---5---5---55555-5-- A|--3---X---3-3----3/5--5---333333/5-|--3--/7------XX3-3---5---5---30303-0-- E|----------1-1----1/3--3------------|--------12\0-XX1-1---3---3------------ Then into the C F G progression for a few bars before beginning the actual song as transcribed below by Rajarshi Gosh ( ------- ~Date: 8 Jul 1994 17:43:20 -0500 Here's the first verse. As I'm transferring the stuff from the left part of my brain to the right (or is it vice versa?) it's probably a bit flawed : 4/4 | C | Dm | Em | F | G | G7 | C Dm Once upon a time you dressed so fine Em F G Threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn't you C Dm People called you, said "Beware doll, Em F G You're bound to fall", you thought they were all kidding you F G You used to laugh about F G Everybody else that was hanging out F Em Dm C Now you don't talk so loud F Em Dm C Now you don't seem so proud Dm F G About having to be scrounging around for your next meal C F G How does it feel, C F G How does it feel C F G To be on your own C F G In no direction home C F G Like a complete unknown C F G G7 Like a rolling stone. The chord positions try to capture the phrasing, but you'll really have to figure that out yourself :-) -Raja. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hope this helps :) -- Greg O'Beirne