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 May This Be Love de Jimi Hendrix

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May This Be Love - Jimi Hendrix sur
My very first contribution. I thought I'd send in something by # everyone's hero - JIMI HENDRIX. # If someone *really* wants the tab then e-mail me and I will set aside # five or six hours in which to do it! # # Kovi Moodley # My This Be Love by Jimi Hendrix 1st Verse E F#m7(add4)/E Waterfall nothing can harm me at all. A(add2) E My worries seem so very small with my waterfall. 2nd Verse E F#m7(add4)/E I can see my rainbow calling me. A(add2) E Through the misty breeze of my waterfall. Bridge D G# A A# Some people say day-dreaming's for all the huh! B E5 Lazy minded fools with nuthin' all to do. D A A(add9) G# G G let then laugh, laugh at me. F# (Spoken) G just as ling as I have you D A (Sung) to see me through B I have nuthin to lose 'long as I have you. 3rd Verse E(add9) F#m7(add4)/E Waterfall, dont ever change your ways, A(add2) fall with me for a million days, E Esus4 E oh my waterfall. Solo