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 One Rainy Day Wish de Jimi Hendrix

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One Rainy Day Wish - Jimi Hendrix sur
------7/12----9p7--7h9---7--------------------- -----------------------------9h12p9----7h9p7--- ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- --------------------12------------------------- ----9\6p4---4h6-----9----4h6p4h6p4------------- --------------------11---------------7h9p7h9p7- --------------------11------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- --6h7p6h7p6h7-----6h7--7p6---7------------------ ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- ---------------------0-------------------------- -------12-12---------12---------12-12----------- ------9-----9--------9---------9-----9---------- ----11-------11------11------11-------11-------- --11-----------11----11----11-----------11------ ------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- ---6/9----------------------------------------- ---6/9----------9/11---9-9----9--7------------- ---------11p9---9/11---9-11---9--7------------- ----------------------------------------------- ----12----9p7--7h9----7-9-7-------------------- -----------------------------9\7---5----5/7--5- -------------------------------------6--------- ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------9/11- ----7h9p7----7-----------7----------------9/11- ----7h9p7--7h9---------7----7---------7---9/11- -----------------7--9----------7---9----------- Bend down 1/2 w/ bar ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- --9--------7h9----------------6---------------- --9h11p9---------7--------7---7---------------- ---------------------7h9----------------------- E Aadd9 Gold and rose the color of the dream I had E A not too long ago. A misty blue and the lilac E C#m too a never to grow old a there you were under Asus2 E C#m7 the tree of song sleeping so peacefully E A C#m7 In your hand a flower played , a waiting C# there for me. G# B F# C# I have never laid eyes on you not like before G# B F#7 C# G# this timeless day. A but you walked and ya once B F#7 C# G# B smiled my name and you stole my heart away F#7 C# G# B Ah, stole my heart away little girl, yeah ______alright! C# G# B F#7 (chords during solo) Solo (I will post this in complete w/ solo) E Aadd9 E C#m Gold and rose the color of the dream I had,____not too long ago E A E5 C#m Misty blue and lilac too a never grow to old E5 A A gold and rose the color of the dream I had. E C#m E5 D5 A Misty blue and lilac too. Gold and rose the color of the dream I had C, C#m is the chord pattern from here on. As I said I eventually will post all the litlle riffs he plays while he's singing and include the solo. The time signature changes in this song from 3/4 to 4/4 Hope this is right, any corrections comments etc. are welcomed! Peter A A A A A A A