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 Radio One Jingle de Jimi Hendrix

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Radio One Jingle - Jimi Hendrix sur
Jimi Hendrix Experience BBC Sessions Radio One Jingle Author - Paul Clair AIM - hhoudini12 ICQ - 1837175 email - Here's perhaps the closest thing to a punk song that Jimi did. It's off of the BBC Sessions, Disk 2. This is the coolest radio jingle. The louder you sing and play this, the cooler it is. I felt like tabbing it because no one else did and it's one of the easier songs by Jimi to come by. Remember, the X's mean to strike the strings to the beat of the song and it's TUNED HALF STEP DOWN! I made this tab so even the newest guitar people can play this. G A eb|--3--/---5---X-X-X-X--| Bb|--3--/---5---X-X-X-X--| Verse Gb|--4--/---5---X-X-X-X--| Db|--5--/---7---X-X-X-X--| Ab|--5--/---7---X-X-X-X--| 5x Eb|--3--/---5---X-X-X-X--| G A eb|-------------------------3--/--5--| Bb|-5-----5-------5---------3--/--5--| Chorus Gb|-7(9)--7(9)----7(9)------4--/--6--| Db|-------------------------5--/--7--| Ab|-------------------------5--/--7--| 5x Eb|-------------------------3--/--5--| eb|---------------| "Thats all folks!" riff Bb|---------------| Gb|--2------------| Db|----4-3-2------| Ab|-----------5-7-| Eb|---------------| Lyrics (Spoken Intro) 1,2,3,4...(Verse) Radio One Your the only one For me... (Chorus) Just ... Make ... Radio one You stole .. But I love ... (Chorus) (Thats all riff) (Spoken) You can fade out before that part. Legend Ab|---------------| Bend on the 7th fret till it sounds like the 9th Eb|--7(9)---------| Other words, bend a full step. Ab|---X--X--------| Strum muted strings. Eb|---X--X--------| Ab|--5/7-----------| Slide 3rd fret power chord to 5th fret power chord Eb|--3/5-----------| :::: Thanks to Jimbo, Krista, Ron, Chris :::: Rock on Any questions, comments, or just to plain mindlessly babble at me contact me at one of the contacts listed above...dummy. Fly on little wing, Fly on.. Other thanks goto Hendrix, Chandler, Mitchell, Redding, and purple marshmallows.