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 Many Rivers To Cross de Jimmy Cliff

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Many Rivers To Cross - Jimmy Cliff sur Guitariff.net
MANY RIVERS TO CROSS- Jimmy Cliff G Bm C Many rivers to cross Bm C D G But I can't seem to find my way over G Bm C Wandering I am lost Bm C D G As I travel along the white cliffs of Dover Many rivers to cross And it's only my will that keeps me alive I've been licked, washed up for years And I merely survived because of my pride CHORUS: C G And this loneliness won't leave me alone C G It's such a drag to be on your own C G G/F#m Em My woman left and she didn't say why C D (n.c.) Well I guess I have to try Many rivers to cross But just where to begin, I'm playing for time There have been times I find myself Thinking of committing some dreadful crime REPEAT FIRST VERSE CHORUS (from The Harder They Come soundtrack, 1972) (sent by Harlan at harlant@hawaii.edu)