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 Cajun Moon de Jj Cale

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Tabbed by Fredrik Koller Lund (s212@ii.uib.no) Cajuun Moon From "Okie" 3rd album. Recorded in Ebminor Arranged in Dminor Intro: Dm G Dm A7 G m G Dm Cajun moon_ where does your power lie_? as you move_ across G Dm A7 the southern sky.__ You took my baby way too soon. What have G Dm you done_ Cajun moon?_ (Same structure thruout song, fade on 6th verse ending.) 2. Someday baby, when you want your man And find him gone, just like the wind Don't trouble your mind, whatever you do, 'Cause Cajun moon took him from you. 3. Repeat verse 1 4. When daylight fades, and night comes on, You can hear the silence of this song, Don't trouble your mind, whatever you do, 'Cause he got me like he got you. 5. Repeat verse 1 6. Repeat verse 1 Here's one of my favorite laid back tunes: