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 Peggy-o de Joan Baez

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Peggy-O -- Trad., sung Joan Baez, Simon and Garfunkel, Grateful Dead et al. [This is closest to the Baez version.] Transcribed by Nick Munn ( C Am Em F C As we marched down to Fennario C G C G C G As we marched down to Fennario Am G C G F C Our captain fell in love with a lady like a dove C Am Em F C And the name she was called was pretty Peggy-O The main embellishment I use is on the F chords. In the first and last lines, I hammer on the A note on the G string, i.e. play E---1------1----- B---1--------1--- G---0h2--0-----2- D---3------------ A---3------------ E---1------------ or similar. On "dove" at the end of line 3 I play something like E------------1---------------1---0-- B----------1---------------1-----1-- G------0h2-----------0-h-2-------0-- D--2-h-3-------2-h-3-------------2-- A--2-h-3-------2-h-3-------------3-- E----------------------------------- Other verses (again, close to Baez's): Won't you come and go with me, pretty Peggy-O? (x2) In coaches you shall ride with your true love by your side Just as grand as any lady in the are-o What would your mother think, pretty Peggy-O? (x2) What would your mother think for to hear the guineas clink And the soldiers all marching before you? You're the man that I adore, sweet William-O (x2) You're the man that I adore, but your fortune is too low I'm afraid that my mother would be angry-o Come tripping down the stairs, pretty Peggy-O (x2) Come tripping down the stairs and tie up your yellow hair Bid a last farewell to sweet William-O If ever I return, pretty Peggy-O (x2) If ever I return then the city I shall burn And destroy all the ladies in the are-o Our captain he is dead, pretty Peggy-O (x2) Our captain he is dead, and he died for a maid And he's buried in Louisiana county-o. Nick "To a philosopher all _news_, as it is called, is gossip, and they who edit and read it are old women over their tea." - H.D Thoreau, "Walden"