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 Crush Of Love de Joe Satriani

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Song: Crush of Love Artist: Joe Satriani Transcribed by: Ankur Srivastava CRUSH OF LOVE JOE SATRIANI This is my first post here, so please excuse any mistakes... as a matter of fact, I've only heard the song once. It's apparently unavailable on album, from what I've heard, but is a popular radio cut. Anyways, it's a great song. Use a medium amount of distortion. TAB NOTATION SYMBOLS: (X-Y): A pull off from X toY B: Bend one full whole note /X: Slide up to X ~X: Vibrato on X I've tried to use the most common symbols, so they're easy to recognize TAB: E----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- G-------12-----12-------------------12------B14--B14--(14-12)------~12-------1 2-----12----12------12---- D--/14-----14----~14--------/14------14-----------------------------14-------- ---------14-------------14--------A------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---E-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- Basically this riff repeats throughout the entire song. No vocals. Feel free to improvise, move around to different keys and stuff. I also like to use some of these as licks in my solos, they sound really cool. Again, this is my first post, so don't rip it too hard. Send comments, corrections, compliments, credit card numbers, etc. to Brought to you by the next man to play on stage alongside with Robert Plant, Ankur Srivastava =) Happy playing!