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 Country Roads de John Denver

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Country Roads - John Denver sur
-## #115 {title:Country Roads} {st:John Denver} Almos[D]t heaven, Wes[Bm]t Virginia, Blue[A] Ridge Mountains, Shen[G]andoah Ri[D]ver. Life is old there, ol[Bm]der than the trees, Yo[A]unger than the mountains, blo[G]wing like a br[D]eeze. {c:Chorus:} Count[D]ry road, take me h[A]ome To the pl[Bm]ace I be[G]long, West Virg[D]inia, mountain mo[A]mma, Take me h[G]ome, country r[D]oad. All my m[D]em'ries ga[Bm]ther 'round her, Mi[A]ner's lady, str[G]anger to blue wa[D]ter. Dark and dusty, pai[Bm]nted on the sky, Mi[A]sty taste of moonshine, te[G]ar-drop in my e[D]ye. {c:Chorus.} I h[Bm]ear her vo[A]ice, in the mor[D]ning hours she calls me, The ra[G]dio reminds [D]me of my h[A]ome far away. And dri[Bm]ving down the r[Em]oad I get the f[G]eeling That I sh[D]ould have been home yes[A]terday, yes[A7]terday. {c:Chorus.} # # Submitted to the archives # by Steve Putz> # 7 September 1992