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 Wholl Stop The Rain de John Fogerty

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Artist: John Fogerty Album: Premonition Song: Who'll Stop The Rain Tabed For Tune: E Tabed By Janne Tschokkinen E-Mail: Site: !!!These tabs were created without any kinds of money making purposes and are to be used only for educational purposes!!! !!!C not re-publish this tab without permission!!! -------------------------------------------------------------- Intro: G Em G E|-------3---|-------3----|-------3---|-------3----|-------3---|-------3---| H|---0-------|---0--------|---0-------|---0--------|---0-------|---0-------| G|-----0-----|-----0------|-----0-----|-----0------|-----0-----|-----0-----| D|-----------|------------|-----------|------------|-----------|-----------| A|-----------|------------|-----------|------------|-----------|-----------| E|-3---------|-3--------2-|-0---------|-0----------|-3---------|-3---------| Verse: 1 G Long as... C G The rain... G Clouds of... C G Confusion... C G Good men... C G Tryin' to... C And I... D Still I... Em G Who'll stop... Verse: 2 G I went... C G Seekin' shelter... G Hm Caught up... C G I watched... C G Five year... C G Wrapped in... C And I... D Still I... Em G Who'll stop... Bridge: | C G | D | Am C | Em | G | Verse: 3 same as verse 2 Outro: G Em D/F# G E|-------3---|-------3----|-------3---|-------3----|-2-|-3-| H|---0-------|---0--------|---0-------|---0--------|-3-|-0-| G|.----0-----|-----0------|-----0-----|-----0-----.|-2-|-0-| D|.----------|------------|-----------|-----------.|-0-|-0-| A|-----------|------------|-----------|------------|---|-2-| E|-3---------|-3--------2-|-0---------|-0----------|-2-|-3-|