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[two versions in different positions] Jack and Diane John Mellencamp Thanks to Stuart Hamilton down under for reminding me what at great guitar song this is. It's pretty simple, but very tasty - one of my all-time favorites. I play it on solo acoustic, but, of course, to do it right, you need an electric too. I'm using his post as a guide since it contains the words and chords. I hope everyone that was interested got a copy of it. Everything here was taken from the record by ear so I'm sure it's no exact...but it's real close. The main difference between this and Stuart's are the chord formations. I tried to represent the timing accurately, but there are limitations here (both in the idiom and the time I have to spend on it). You can get an idea by counting the '-'s, but some of it wasn't cleanly on the beat. Playing along with the song is the only way to get it perfect. Power intro (distorted electric guitar) A E A E D E:5-------4---5-4-2------------------------------------------------------- B:5-------5---5-5-3------------------------------------------------------- G:6-------4---6-4-2------------------------------------------------------- D:7-------6---7-6-0--00---00--00--play 3 times---------------------------- A:0-------0---0-0-0------------------------------------------------------- E:------------------------------------------------------------------------ (I don't hear the hammer-ons (hammer's on?) Stuart posted here. I think the acoustic is just hitting powerful D notes here. The timing varies a little with each one - you'll have to listen and mimic for yourself) Power ending (distorted electric guitar) A E E A EA E D E:5--4--4-5--45-4-2------------------------------------------------------- B:5--5--5-5--55-5-3------------------------------------------------------- G:6--4--4-6--46-4-2------------------------------------------------------- D:7--6--6-7--67-6-0--00---00-0000-repeat and fade------------------------- A:0--0--0-0--00-0-0------------------------------------------------------- E:------------------------------------------------------------------------ Verse (Little ditty...) Play the E and D with the index finger barring the highest three strings. A E D E AE A E D E A E:5754-44-2-24-54-5754-44-2-4-5-55---------------------------------------- B:5--5-55-3-35-55-5--5-55-3-5-5-55---------------------------------------- G:6--4-44-2-24-64-6--4-44-2-4-6-66------repeat---------------------------- D:7--6-66-4-46-76-7--6-66-4-6-7-77---------------------------------------- A:------------------------------------------------------------------------ E:------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chorus (Oh yeah life goes on...) A E D E A E D E E:5754-44-2-24-44-5754-44-2-2-4-44---------------------------------------- B:5--5-55-3-35-55-5--5-55-3-3-5-55---------------------------------------- G:6--4-44-2-24-44-6--4-44-2-2-4-44---------------------------------------- D:7--6-66-4-46-66-7--6-66-4-4-6-66---------------------------------------- A:------------------------------------------------------------------------ E:------------------------------------------------------------------------ A E D E A E D E E:5754-44-2-24-44-5754-44-2-4-5-55---------------------------------------- B:5--5-55-3-35-55-5--5-55-3-5-5-55---------------------------------------- G:6--4-44-2-24-44-6--4-44-2-4-6-66---------------------------------------- D:7--6-66-4-46-66-7--6-66-4-6-7-77---------------------------------------- A:------------------------------------------------------------------------ E:------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cool interlude: This is the best part of the song...Stuart calls the D an Asus4. His are good chords, but I think they are played up the neck. Barre the A with your index finger. The D and A use the same barre - don't move your index finger between A and D The E is the same formation as the D Slide up to the E the first time. Neither E string is played here. Also, the consecutive D's are damped, that is, let up on the left hand pressure after hitting the chords. They also are slightly off the beat - you'll just have to listen to the record. ADAE D E ADAE D A E:------------------------------------------------------------------------ B:2325-55-3-35-75-2325-55-3-3-2------------------------------------------- G:2224-44-2-24-44-2224-44-2-2-2------------------------------------------- D:2426-66-4-46-66-2426-66-4-4-2------------------------------------------- A:0000-00-0-00-00-0000-00-0-0-0------------------------------------------- E:------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well, I've spent too much time on this already. I think with this and the previous post (and the record) most people should be able to impress their friends with this song. good luck, Dave The last person left on earth with no CD player. SONG : Jack and Diane ARTIST : John Cougar Mellencamp ALBUM : American Fool (Track 2) TRANSCRIBED BY : Mike Cole ( SONG STRUCTURE GUITAR GUITAR PART REPEAT LYRICS AT START ------ ----------- ------ --------------- I Riff 1a 3x II Rhythmn 1a 2x Little ditti about Jack... III Rhythmn 2 1x II Rhythmn 1a 2x Suckin' on a chili dog... II Rhythmn 1b 1x Oh yeah, life goes on... I Riff 1a 2x II Rhythmn 1a 2x Jackie sits back; collects... II Rhythmn 1b 1x Tacit III Rhythmn 2 1x II Rhythmn 1b 1x Oh yeah, life goes on... II Fill 1 1x Little ditti about Jack... I Riff 1b 4x Let all chords ring, unless noted. GUITAR I -------- Distorted electric guitar. Riff 1a: A E/A A E/A D e-|--------------------------|--------------------------|-----|-----| B-|-10-----------------------|--9----------10-----9-----|--7--|-----| G-|--9-----------------------|--9-----------9-----9-----|--7--|-----| D-|-11-----------------------|--9----------11-----9-----|--7--|-----| A-|--0-----------------------|--0-----------0-----0-----|--0--|-----| E-|--------------------------|--------------------------|-----|-----| * Riff 1b: A E/A A E/A A E/A D e-|--------------------------|--------------------------|--------|-----| B-|-10--------9--------9-----|-10--------9----10-----9--|-(9)-7--|-----| G-|--9--------9--------9-----|--9--------9-----9-----9--|-(9)-7--|-----| D-|-11--------9--------9-----|-11--------9----11-----9--|-(9)-7--|-----| A-|--0--------0--------0-----|--0--------0-----0-----0--|-(0)-0--|-----| E-|--------------------------|--------------------------|--------|-----| * * = Deaden after 1 beat GUITAR II --------- This is an acoustic guitar capoed at the 2nd fret. A good clue for figuring this out is the recognizable D-Dsus4-D chord progression, which happens to be a whole-tone sharp. As usual for capoed guitar parts, I have given fret numbers relative to the capo and named chords as if they were being played in standard tuning. Rhythmn 1a: G D Dsus4 D C D Dsus4 D f#|--3--3--3--2-----3--2-----|--0-----0-----2-----3--2--| C#|--3--3--3--3-----3--3-----|--1-----1-----3-----3--3--| A-|--0--0--0--2-----2--2-----|--0-----0-----2-----2--2--| E-|--0--0--0--0-----0--0-----|--2-----2-----0-----0--0--| B-|--2--2--2-----------------|--3-----3-----------------| F#|--3--3--3-----------------|--------------------------| G D Dsus4 D C D G f#|--3--3--3--2-----3--2-----|--0-----2-----3-----3--3--| C#|--3--3--3--3-----3--3-----|--1-----3-----3-----3--3--| A-|--0--0--0--2-----2--2-----|--0-----2-----0-----0--0--| E-|--0--0--0--0-----0--0-----|--2-----0-----0-----0--0--| B-|--2--2--2-----------------|--3-----------2-----2--2--| F#|--3--3--3-----------------|--------------3-----3--3--| Rhythmn 1b: Same as above except that the first two bars are played 3 times before playing bars 3 & 4 (i.e. 1 2 1 2 1 2 3 4). Fill 1: This may not be 100% accurate, but it's pretty close. I find it easiest to play this part using my thumb and fingers on my right hand (no pick). f#|--------------------------|--------------------------| C#|--3-----D-----3-----3-----|--3-----D-----3-----3-----| A-|--0-----D-----2--------2--|--0-----D-----2--------2--| E-|--------------------------|--0-----D-----------------| B-|--2-----D-----0-----------|--------------0-----------| F#|--------------------------|--3-----D-----------------| f#|--------------------------|--------------------------| C#|--3-----D-----3-----3-----|--3-----D-----3-----------| A-|--0-----D-----2-----2-----|--0-----D-----0-----------| E-|--------------------------|--2-----D-----0-----------| B-|--2-----D-----0-----------|--------------------------| F#|--------------------------|--3-----D-----3-----------| D = Deaden string with right hand GUITAR III ---------- This acoustic guitar is playing the same chords used in the Riffs. The open A string is definitely present, which means the guitar is not capoed. If you want to play this part on guitar II, I would suggest playing the low A chord using a standard barre shape, 5776xx (these are actual frets, not relative to the capo). For the rest of the chords, play what's given below without the open A string. Rhythmn 2: A E/A A E/A D E/A A E/A e-|--------------------------|--------------------------| B-|--2--2--2--2-/9----10--9--|--7-----7-----9----10--9--| G-|--2--2--2--2-/9-----9--9--|--7-----7-----9-----9--9--| D-|--2--2--2--2-/9----11--9--|--7-----7-----9----11--9--| A-|--0--0--0--0-(0)----0--0--|--0-----0-----0-----0--0--| E-|--------------------------|--------------------------| A E/A A E/A D A e-|--------------------------|--------------------------| B-|--2--2--2--2-/9----10--9--|--7-----7-----2--------X--| G-|--2--2--2--2-/9-----9--9--|--7-----7-----2--------X--| D-|--2--2--2--2-/9----11--9--|--7-----7-----2--------X--| A-|--0--0--0--0-(0)----0--0--|--0-----0-----0--------X--| E-|--------------------------|--------------------------| X = Left hand muting