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 Sunday Morning Comming Down de Johnny Cash

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Sunday Morning Comming Down - Johnny Cash sur
Sunday morning comming down Johny Cash 1. Well , I [C]woke up Sunday morning , with no [F]way to hold my head, that didn«t [C]hurt and the [C]beer i had for breakfast , wasn«t [Am]bad, so I had one more for des-[G7]-sert than I [C]thumbled through my closet , for my [F]clothes, found my cleanest, dirty [C]hirt than I [G7]washed my face and combed my hair, stumbled down the stairs to meet the day. 2. Well I smoked my brain the night befor , with cigarets and songs that we been picking And I lit my first and stopped to watch , a small kid with a can that he was kicking Than I crossed an empty street , and caught the Sunday-smell of someone«s frying chicken and it took me back to something , that I lost somewhere somehow along the way Ref: On a Sunday morning [F]sidewalk, wishing Lord that I was [C]stoned Cause there is something in a [G7]Sunday, that makes somebody feel a-[C]-lone And it«s nothing shure but [F]dieing, half as lone some as the [C]sound of a sleeping city [G7]sidewalk, when Sunday morning coming [C]down 3. In a park I saw a Daddy , with a laughing little girl he was swinging And I stopped beside a Sunday school , and listened to the songs that they were singing Than I hadded back for home , and some whrer far away a lonely bell was ringing And it echoed to the canyons , like the dissapearing dreames of yesterday Ref: On a Sunday morning sidewalk .... It«s the first song, that I write to you from germany. D Queren (