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 Personal Jesus de Johnny Cash

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song: personal jesus album: American IV: The man comes around artist: Johnny Cash tabbed by: joel ( The song is originally by Depeche Mode (written by Martin L Gore), but Cash does it very well. There are two guitars, one steel stringed acoustic played by John Frusciante, and a slide guitar played by Smokey Hormel. I believe the main guitar (Frusciantes) is in standard tuning while the slide is in open E or something similar. And give an appaluse to Josh Davidson goobsman at juno dot com> who put the first version of this song on the . Main riff: e------------------------- b------------------------- The slide guitar slides g-------4----4-4---4------ up to the E, but i think d-2-----2----2-2---2------ Frusciante plays it in this a-2-2---2--2-2-2-2-2--2--- position. e-0-3p0-0--3-0-0-3p0--3p0- Then: e--------------------------- b--------2------------------ g-2------2------------------ d-2------2--------5-------5- a-0-3p0--0--0-----5-------5- e-------------3-3---3-2-2--- "Flesh and bone...": e-3----2----0----0--0- b-3----3----0----0--0- Strum these chords. g-0----2----x----4--x- d-0----0----2----4--5- (the Cmaj7 doesn't sound quite right, if a-2---------3----2--3- you find a better sounding alternative e-3------------------- please e-mail it to me.) At "reach out and touch faith": e---0-0-------0-0----- b---2-2-------1-1----- g---3-3-------2-2----- Wrap your thumb around d---4-4-------3-3----- the neck for the bass notes. a---4-4-x-x---3-3-x-x- e-2-----x-x-1-----x-x- End on open E .reach. comments? questions? corrections? pics of cheese? mail me. _________________________________________________________________