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 The Man Comes Around de Johnny Cash

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The Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash sur
Album:The Man Comes Around Universal By:Johnny Cash Tabed By:Richard Kenny ( Date:Monday,3rd,2003,Feb *The Man Comes Around* **Starting with the first verse** C There's a man... C And he decides... C Everybody won't be... C Am F There'll be a golden... F G C When the man... (**Second verse played the same**) (Chorus) C Hear the Trumpets... C One hundred million... C F C G Multitudes are marching... G Voices calling,... G Some are born... G C It's Alfa and... C F C And the wirldwind... C And the virgins... C F C The wirldwind... C It's hard for... ((**3 Verse played the same as 1st and 2nd**))