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 Well Meet Again de Johnny Cash

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Well Meet Again - Johnny Cash sur
Transcribed by Edward Grant> This is all my own work. Considering it's somewhat of a standard, maybe not. But Cash's version is in a different key than the original, and I did need to pick up on that. Johnny Cash- We'll Meet Again Track 15 off of American IV: The Man Comes Around Composed by Ross Parker and Hugh Charles Intro: C7 A7 Dm7 G7 E----0------0------1-----1--- B----1------2------1-----0--- G----3------0------2-----0--- D----2------2------0-----3--- A----3------0------------2--- E------------------------3--- Those are the chord shapes I use, you can use what you know. Verses: C E7 Am7 Dm7 F G E----0------1--------0-------1------1------3----------- B----1------0--------1-------1------1------0----------- G----0------1--------0-------2------2------0----------- D----2------0--------2-------0------3------0----------- A----3------2--------0-------------(3)-----2----------- E-----------0----------------------(1)-----3----------- Choruses: F Em F Em Am Am7 G E----1-----0----1----0----0------0------3------ B----1-----0----1----0----1------1------0------ G----2-----0----2----0----2------0------0------ D----3-----2----3----2----2------2------0------ A-------------------------0------0------2------ E---------------------------------------3------ Ad lib everything. It's all repetitive. ________________________________________________________________________________