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 Ladies Of The Canyon de Joni Mitchell

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Ladies Of The Canyon - Joni Mitchell ------------------------------------------------ From the album 'Ladies of the canyon' Tabbed by Howard Wright First things first - the tuning. From low to high the strings are : C G D F C E Or in Joni notation - C 7 7 3 7 4 (The numbers tell you which frets to use when comparing the tuning of 2 strings) I'm just going to give you the shapes - there aren't a lot of different chords to worry about, and the basic picking style is fairly simple to pick up from the record. Chord Shapes used : ----------------------- CGDFCE CGDFCE CGDFCE CGDFCE CGDFCE CGDFCE 002200 002000 033000 030000 022000 020000 C Cadd4 C7add4 C9add4 C6add4 C6add9add4 CGDFCE C G D F C E CGDFCE CGDFCE x22222 x 0 10 9 10 x x0767x x0545x A6/7sus4 Gmadd4 Gadd9 G9(no3rd-no5th) Weird names .. but that's what you get if you use strange tunings ! Use the last three shapes for the little introduction bit, then change to C alternating with Cadd4 and you go into the verse. She tends to use the chords in pairs, alternating between them. G use (C and Cadd4) as a pair. (C7add4 and C9add4) as a pair and (C6add4 and C6add9add4) as a pair. The verse just uses these 3 pairs of chords, plus the A6/7sus4 chord. Play around with these and you should pick it up pretty easily. A final point - she tends to hit a few open strings between chord changes, and sometimes hammers on to a new chord shape after strumming a few open strings. Enjoy ! Howard