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 Lights de Journey

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Journey - Lights Submitted by Art Caputo Please note that the chords are given as reference #'s relating To the key you want to play it in. When copying this tab, block All text, paste in word processor, cut out any extra stuff as desired. This song uses just the first, fifth, minor sixth, and seventh chords. Intro: (Lead played over chord progression) [1]-[m6]-[1]-[5]-[m6]-[7]-[1] **G for example, if you played this in original key of D the intro would be: D - Bm - D - A - Bm - C - D You can put it in any key you can play! I sing it in B Verse 1: When the [1]lights go [m6]down in the [7]City [7] And the [1]sun shines [m6]on the [7]bay [7] Ooh I [1]want to be the[m6]re in my[7] City [7] Ooh - Ooh [m6]Ooh, [7]ooh, [1]ooh - ohh [1] Verse 2: [1] G you [m6]think [7]you're lo[7]nely [1] Well my [m6]friend I'm lonely [7]too [7] [1]I want to get [m6]back to my [7]City by the [7]bay [m6]Ooh, [7]ooh, [1]Ooh - Ooh [1] Bridge: It's [m6]sad, oh[5] there's been mor[1]nings out on the [1]road without [m6]you, [5]without your [1]charms [1] [m6] Ooh, [5] my, my, my, [1]my, my,[1]my, my [m6]Ooh, [7] Ooh, [1] Ooh - Ooh [1] Repeat Verse 1 E-mail me for comments