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 Seperate Ways de Journey

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Journey - Seperate Ways Greatist Hits album I have only written the chords and fingering. To figure out the strumming pattern just listen to the song and it is easy to figure out. This is all my original work so email with new ideas on how to play it. Intro (Keyboard Arranged for Guitar) [Play 4x] e|----0----0----0----0----0----0----0----0--|| B|-17--------19--------20------------------*|| G|------16--------16--------16---16---16----|| D|------------------------------------------|| A|-----------------------------------------*|| E|------------------------------------------|| Verse (Keyboard Arranged for Guitar) [Play 4x then play this lick] e|-12-10-8---|-----------------| B|-13-12-10-*|-----13-12-10----| G|-12-11-9---|--------------12-| D|-----------|-----------------| A|----------*|-----------------| E|-----------|-----------------| (The Guitar comes in after the intro has been played 2x) Em [Just listen to the song to get the pattern of palm mutes down pat] e|-0x-0x-00-0x0-0000-|| B|-0x-0x-00-0x0-0000-|| G|-0x-0x-00-0x0-0000-|| D|-2x-2x-22-2x2-2222-|| A|-2x-2x-22-2x2-2222-|| E|-0x-0x-00-0x0-0000-|| Play the Verse two (2) more times then play the prechorus Prechorus [This is just a GUESS at what is going on] It is played two times total. [This is the first time] Em C G D Am e|-0-0-3-2--0-| B|-0-1-3-3--1-| G|-0-0-0-2--2-| D|-2-2-0-0--2-| A|-2-3-2-0--0-| E|-0-x-3-x--x-| [This is the second time] Em C G D C Am Em e|-0-0-3-2-0--0--0-|| B|-0-1-3-3-1--1--0-|| G|-0-0-0-2-0--2--0-|| D|-2-2-0-0-2--2--2-|| A|-2-3-2-0-3--0--2-|| E|-0-x-3-x-x--x--0-|| Chorus Em G C Am D e|-0--3-0-0--2- B|-0--3-1-1--3- G|-0--0-0-2--2- D|-2--0-2-2--0- A|-2--2-3-0--0- E|-0--3-x-x--x- I KNOW it is NOT perfect but it IS a start. If you have ANY ideas feel free to email me the changes so I can play it better myself! Thank you! Tabbed by Korban Day (