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 You Say Yes de Judas Priest

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You Say Yes - Judas Priest sur Guitariff.net
Judas Priest - You Say Yes letostak@ix.netcom.com (Judy Letostak) Metal Edge BBS (619)423-4970 http://www.netcom.com/~letostak/main.htm There is no guitar solo in this song (shame acutally) This is a very easy and short song. Intro --------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- ------------3-------------------------------------------- -5---3h4h5-----5----5--5--5--5--5------------------------ -3------------------3--0--3--0--3------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------- Verse --------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------6-4-----6--------- -----------------------3---------------5-3-----5--------- -5--5--5--5--5--3h4h5-----5--5--5--5--------------------- -3--0--3--0--3---------------3--0--3--------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- Chorus --------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- -------------5------------------------------------------- ---2---------3-------2-----5----------------------------- ---0-----------------0-----3----------------------------- Verse Bridge-bass goes alone for a while then the guitar comes in with: listen to recording for repeat times ======repeat===== End of Bridge -----------------|--------------------------------------- -----------------|--------------------------------------- --8--7--5---3----|--------------------------------------- --8--7--5---3----|----5-----7---------------------------- -----------------|----3-----5---------------------------- -----------------|--------------------------------------- Verse Chorus Out Metal Edge BBS (619)423-4970 (San Diego, CA USA) Over 15,000 Guitar Tabs,bass and drum tab Over 4 gigs of MP3s no ratios Riot Member and Distro, Warlock WHQ MetalNet WHQ =========================================================== h = hammeron ps = pick scrape p = pulloff % = repeat phrase ~ = vibrato letostak@ix.netcom.com b = bend + natural harmonic /\ = Slide * = Artificial Harmonic x = ghost note tr = trill =========================================================== You Say Yes (Tipton/Halford/Downing) Say you want to rip it up Paint the town red Wanna do the hot spots Get it in the head You drive me crazy I know your game You done it all before You'll do it all again You say yes, I say no My blood's on fire I grit my teeth You're nothin' but a teaser Gimme some relief I'm lookin' at the bottle Sinkin' to the floor I gotta white knuckles Can't take it anymore You say yes, I say no What do you treat me so What I do, I do for you