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 Somewhere Only We Know de Keane

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Somewhere Only We Know - Keane sur
Keane - Somewhere Only We Know >From forthcoming as yet untitled album Chords by Simon Bobin These are the chords from the first brilliant single from the first great new band of 2004, Keane. Although the song is mostly piano-led, the chord variations on guitar play a good enough substitute. I'm not sure of the chord sequences towards the end of the song so any help would be appreciated. The first part is fine though. Enjoy! Chords used: A 002220 A/Ab 002120 Esus4 022200 E 022100 Gbm 244222 C(m X45664 Bm 224432 Intro: A A/Ab Esus4 E Verse: A A/Ab "I walked across... ...back of my hand" Esus4 E "I felt the earth... ...and it made me complete" Bridge: Gbm C(m "Oh sympathy, where... Bm E Im getting old... ...rely on" Gbm C(m "G tell me when.. Bm E Verse 2: A A/Ab "I came across... ...Looking at me" Esus4 E "Is this the place.. ...dreamin of? Repeat Bridge Chorus: D A E "And if you have a minute ... D A E "Talking about it D A E "This could be the end D A E "G why don't we go" Somewhere only we know x2 Repeat bridge Repeat chorus Bm E Somwhere only we know Bm C(m Bm Somewhere only we know A "Somewhere only we know" End