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 The Five Pound Bass de Keen Robert Earl

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The Five Pound Bass - Keen Robert Earl sur
The Five Pound Bass By Robert Earl Keen Jr. From the West Textures CD E Up this morning Before the sun Bm Fixed me some coffee and a honey bun E Jumped in my pickup A gave her the gas E Bm E I'm goin' out to catch a five pound bass Down by the lake side Just off the ramp All them people sleeping in their fising camp Some out in the pup tents Some out on the grass They all be dreaming 'bout that five pound bass Bridge: A The early birdie always gets his worm E Me I always get my wish A When you're talking 'bout that five pound bass son E Bm The early wormy gets the fish Jumped in my john boat I stow my gear I fire her up and when I am in the clear I sail across that water As smooth as glass Ready here I come you five pound bass Guitar..... I find a perfect spot Some old dead trees Back in a canyon where you cain't feel no breeze I tie my lure I make my cast It's breakfast time you five pound bass That old sun is rising That water is clear I watch my lure as it's flying through the air I see a ripple...... I hear a splash..... Lord have mercy, It's a five pound bass.. Spoken: That's a five pound bass son... Aw it's big as a god damned baby... --PART-BOUNDARY=.19505021353.ZM26259.efficient2--