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 Baby Come Home de Kid Rock

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Baby Come Home - Kid Rock sur
Artist: Kid Rock Song Babby come home Album: Cocky Tabbed By: Mike Lessiter Normal Tunning This is all my own work. I came across this by accident when trying to play something else. All i have worked out is the intro, but i am sure that the chorus is the same but backwards and slower. Can i just say thanks to the person who tabbed Midnight Train to Menphis! Intro (played on an Acoustic Guitar) (listen to song to find out how many times this is played) E:|-------0-------0-------0| B:|--0-H2----0-H2----0-H2--| G:|------------------------| Then it goes like this: ( on an Electric Guitar)(Distorted) (same as chorus) E:|--0----------------| |--0-----------0-0--|} B:|------2---0---0-0--|x3|------2---0--------|}x2 G:|-------------------| |-------------------|} if anyone can get the rest please email me. MikeHawkeye