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 Do It Again de Kinks

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Do It Again - Kinks sur
Just giving back a little of what I take from the net !! Questions, Comments or tab suggestions please forward to Vincent M. Veltri ================================================================== DO IT AGAIN THE KINKS Standing in the middle of no where Wondering how to begin Lost between tomorrow and yesterday Between now and then ( now, and then ) CHROUS And now we're back where we started Here we go 'round again Day after day I get up and I Say Better do it again ( do it again ) Where are all the people go'in Round and round till we reach the end One day leading to another We get up go out do it again CHROUS ( guitar lead ) And you think today is gonna be better Change the world and do it again Give it all up an start all over You say you will but you don't know when CHROUS ( guitar lead ) The days go by and wish you were a different guy Different friends and a new set of cloths You make alternations and affect a new pose a new house, a new car, a new job, a new nose But its superficial and its only skin deep Because the voices in your head keep shouting in you sleep Get back..... Get Back....... CHORUS