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 All Day And All Of The Night de Kinks

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All Day And All Of The Night - Kinks sur
ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT - The Kinks [lyrics removed -- see diet- policy] This was their second hit single and it followed the same kind of exploding chord sequence as "You really got me". Speaking of exploding - I read that Dave Davies (their guitarist) electrocuted himself the firsttime he played the "You really got me" riff (it has the chord sequence of G A A G A). Anyway, Intro is something like this.... (with some lyrics underneath to show the rhythm E---------------------------------------------------------------------- B---------------------------------------------------------------------- G---------------------------------------5------5------5---------------- D---5----7-------7-----5-------5-----5------5------5-------7----------- A---5----7-------7-----5-------5-----3------3------3-------7----------- E---3----5-------5------3-------3----------------------------5--------- All day... this pattern keeps on repeating. Solo: anyone please? Any additions (like the solo), corrections, comments, or if you just want to talk about the Kinks or anything to do with music, I'm here! Mende Joveski