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 Rock And Roll All Night de Kiss

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Rock And Roll All Night - Kiss sur
Artist:KISS Written by:Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley Album:?? Standard Tuning w/distortion Listen to the song and get the rythm down, because you don't just play those chords just once,so listen to the song and get the rythm.5 major Chords in the whole song: A,D,E,F,G!Some versions of this song have a solo in it, this one does not.At the end of the song there is a little riff to end it, so if you figure it out...send it in or just e-mail me! Rock & Roll All Nite Here are the chords: A D E F G E|--x-----2-----o-----1-----3 B|--2-----3-----o-----1-----o G|--2-----2-----1-----2-----o D|--2-----o-----2-----3-----o A|--o-----x-----2-----3-----2 E|--x-----x-----o-----1-----3 Intro: Verse: Bridge: Chorus: G-D-G-D A-E-A-E-A-E-A-E-D-E F-G A-D-E WHOLE SONG: (2:50) intro: (0:04) G-D-G-D verse: (0:07) A E A E A E You... every... A E You... room... D E You wild, intro: (0:24) G-D-G-D verse: (0:26) A E You wanna... A E party's... let... D E You drive... we'll... intro: (0:37) G-D-G-D bridge: (0:39) F G you keep... keep... chorus:play 2x (0:46) A D E I...... night.. and... intro: (1:00) G-D-G-D verse: (1:03) A E You keep... mine... A E fancy... fancy... D E You... we'll... intro. (1:13) G-D-G-D verse: (1:16) A E You show... everything... A E Well... that's... D E And... wild... intro. (1:27) G-D-G-D bridge: (1:29) F G you... you... You play the chorus 2x. (1:36) On the third time you only play the A chord and let it ring while the drums and vocals are going. Third time: (1:50) A(let ring) I...... Play chorus 3x and then play..... intro. (2:43) G-D-G-D Just end the song with the A chord right after the bridge. bridge: (2:45) F-----G------A (let ring) END (2:50) Hope you liked it and understood it, ENJOY! P.S.At the end of the song I just use the A chord to end the song, but if know that little riff...then go ahead and use it. If you know the riff please e-mail me!