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 Beautiful de Kosmos Express

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Beautiful Kosmos Express CD: Now C 1997 bridge building music TAB: ALAN WAGES saw97a@timon.acu.edu Verse1> F# D Is this just a great escape? miles away am i when i see your face disappear for just another glance i'm faraway from everything i can fake CHORUS> e|----0---0---| b|----0---0---| g|----6---8---| d|----7---7---| a|----7---6---| e|----5---X---| (yea, you're so) beautiful VS2> F# D is this just a free for all? release the reason for this waterfall i might as well as lawrence he might know CHORUS> BRIDGE> C#m G# like summer caught in wind A E a day when nothing seems as clear C#m G# the spotlight flickering A E your mind is sure to let you know CHORUS> VS3> F# D is this just a sound effect? i'll pray to you and wait for your request i declare a love i'm not ashamed of (yea, you're so) beautiful yea, you're so