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 Dreammaker de Kosmos Express

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Title: Dreammaker Artist: Kosmos Express Album: Now Copyright 1997 Bridge Building Music (BMI) Tabbed by Kirk Bozeman (boze@longview.net) E7 Esus-E[addA#] (4x) E7 Esus-E[addA#] Today's dreammaker E7 Esus-E[addA#] Today's leg braker E7 Esus-E[addA#] Today's overtaker E7 Esus-E[addA#] Today's mythmaker G You will fall down E7 Esus-E[addA#] You will fall down E7 Esus-E[addA#] Today's dealmaker Today's bellyacher Today's pepper shaker Today's cultmaker You will fall down You will fall down E7 Esus-E[addA#] A 'Cause everywhere I see this face A# From everywhere a warning's placed B C Everywhere you might have seen me wave I'm saved VAMP*: E7 Esus-E[addA#] Today's housebreaker Today's ratlesnaker Today's troublemaker Today's big faker You will fall down You will fall downŠ E7: 022130 Esus: 022200 E[addA#]: 022300 *This is the really loud noisy instrumental part. Get a glass slide and go crazy all over your fret board while you stomp on that silly distortion pedal of yours.