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 Shes On My Side de Kosmos Express

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She's On My Side By: kosmos express CD: simulcast Song By: Rob Goraieb Tabbed By: Ron Anaya anayarj@yahoo.com \= slide down POWER CHORDS: Bb5 G5 Eb5 C5 Fb5 Ab5 Cb5 D5 A5 (G5* slightly muted) E------------------------------------------------ B------------------------------------------------ G--------------8----5-------------6---7---------- D-----8---5----8----5---10---6----6---7----7---5- A-----8---5----6----3---10---6----4---5----7---5- E-----6---3--------------8---4-------------5---3- Bend the G string on the fifth fret to get the sort of, not really, solo. When you bend the G string on the fifth fret, sort of bend and release. Play around with it to get the right sound. I'm not sure what to call it, so I'll just call this the Interlude. Not hard to figure out; just listen to the song and you can get it. E------------- B------------- G--6\7-------- D--6\7--7\8--5 A--4\5--7\8--5 E-------5\6--3 Starts off bending the G string and playing the rhythum at the same time Bb5 G5 and i don't care Eb5 Bb5 how our love appears G5 and i don't mind Eb5 Bb5 C5 if everybody points and stares (Chorus) Eb5 and it's just the same you see Bb5 Fb5 you're the one for me (Bend G) Bb5 G5 she goes with me Eb5 Bb5 when all is mad G5 she lets me breathe Eb5 Bb5 C5 helps me once again believe (Chorus) (Bend G) G5* Eb5 she's on my side (Bend G with all of "and i feel fine") Bb5 G5 and i feel fine Eb5 Bb5 and i feel fine Ab5 and i feel fine G5* and i feel fine Inerlude (or whatever) Play 4x (Chorus starting with C5) (Bend G) Bb5 G5 you're my future Eb5 Bb5 you're my supergirl G5 you're my escape Eb5 Bb5 C5 my million miles away (Chorus) (Bend G) G5* Eb5 she's on my side Bb5 G5 and i feel fine Eb5 Bb5 and i feel fine G5 and i feel fine Eb5 Bb5 and i feel fine This is the first song I have ever tabbed. If anybody has the time, could you please sent me any comments or suggestions you might have. Hope it's right. Praise the Lord. Ron > anayarj@yahoo.com