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-THE KRY- FREE from the cd I'll find you there [Capo on 1st fret] 1995 freedom records copy right submitted by : Warren Surette> G2 C2 C C? Yes, I know it's a long road D C G2 C2 That leads to eternal life G2 C2 C C2 hearts get weary, hearts grow cold D C G2 C2 caught between the truth and the life G2 C2 C C2 I know it's hard, living in this world D C G2 C2 there is so much going on G2 C2 C C2 but turn your eyes to the endless sky D C G2 C2 tonight you might be going home C G2 G2 D G2 Keep your lamp burning; soon your tears will be dry C A D his promise will never pass you by, will never pass you by CHORUS: E A You'll be free, free from the fears D free from the tears A E when you go to see the lord E D free, free from the pain C E and I know you'ss never be the same A E when you go to see the lord G2 C2 C C2 If you find yourself falling down again and again D C G2 C2 doing things you know ain't right G2 C2 C C2 cause love comes in like a pouring rain D C G2 C2 to wash the quilt within your heart