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 When You Die de Kry

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When You Die - Kry sur
************************************************************** * When You Die * * by: The Kry * * CD: what about NOW * * Words and Music by: Jean-Luc Lajoie * * copyright: (C) 1996 Freedom Records * * Submitted: Jake Kurdsjuk ( * ************************************************************** (Play with capo on first fret) These chords repeat throughout the entire song: G D Em C 1st verse: (play chords in open position) G Em C If your heart would beat only one more time, G D Em C C you know where you're going when you breath your last? G D Em C You can have the world falling at your feet. G D Em C But what would it give you when you have to leave? etc. During the bridge ("When I get old I'll turn around..") play the chords as power/bar chords. Go back to open position for the final verse.