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 I Need You de Leann Rimes

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I Need You - Leann Rimes sur Guitariff.net
Subject: r/rimes_leann/i_need_you.crd Date: March 6 2004 From: tomfish44@hotmail.com Subject: LeAnn Rimes - I Need You Album: Twisted Angel verse 1- G I don't need a lot.... C I can get by..... G Of all the blessings... C I've always..... Am But I've got... Em When it comes... C D You're my only... CHORUS: G D C I need you....water.....breath G D C I need you....mercy.....heaven's Am There's a freedom.... C D G That carries me through.....you Verse 2 ( Am - C - D) Verse 3 ( G - D - C) For ending repeat chorus 2x's and end with / Oh yes I do.... G-D-C-G-D-C Have fun with it. This is a great song.