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 Bring It On Home de Led Zeppelin

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Bring It On Home - Led Zeppelin sur
d Zeppelin - Bring It On Home From the CD 'Led Zeppelin II' Written by Page/Plant (Willie Dixon) Atlantic Records 82633-2 Original transcriptions by Jeffrey F Blank (, Marcelo Melero G (, and Bret D Weinraub ( The song is in E Jimmy Pena - | = not a standard bar line; just used to separate music ~ = vibrato or held note . = staccato; mute the note immediately after striking it x = percussive note with no pitch; muted note h = hammer on p = pull off s = slide b = bend string up to indicated pitch/fret r = release bend to indicated string/fret / = slide up from infinity \ = slide down into infinity PM = Palm Mute; lightly touch the strings at the bridge with the edge of the fret hand [Riff 1] e:-----------------------------| B:-----------------------------| G:-----------------------------| D:-----------------------------| A:--2--2--4--4--2---------2----| E:--0--0--0--0--0--0--3h4------| PM ------------------------| [Riff 2] e:--------------------------------| B:--------------------------------| G:--------------------------------| D:--2--2--4--4--2---------2-------| A:--0--0--0--0--0--0--3h4---------| E:--------------------------------| PM ------------------------| [Riff 3] [Riff 3a] e:----------------------------|-------------------------------------| B:----------------------------|-------------------------------------| G:----------------------------|-------------------------------------| D:--4--4--6--6--4--4--6--6----|---2-2--4-4--2-2--4------------------| A:--2--2--2--2--2--2--2--2----|---0-0--0-0--0-0--0---2--------------| E:----------------------------|----------------------0--------------| PM -----------------------| PM ---------------------| [Riff 4] - with distortion e:----------------------------------|--------------------------| B:----------------------------------|--------------------------| G:-------------2b4r2p1---2p1--------|-------------2b4r2p1--2~--| D:-----0h2--------------------2~----|------0h2-----------------| A:-0h2------------------------------|--0h2---------------------| E:---------0------------------------|----------0---------------| [Riff 5] - with distortion e:---------------------------------|---------------------------------| B:---------------------------------|---------------------------------| G:---------------------------------|---------------------------------| D:---------------7b9r7p6--7p6------|--------------7b9r7p6--7~--------| A:------5h7---------------------7~-|-------5h7-----------------------| E:--5h7------0---------------------|---5h7-----0---------------------| [Riff 6] - with distortion ________________________________ |1. |2. e:---------------------------|-------------|----------------| B:---3--x-x--2--x-x--0h1--x--|-------------|----------------| G:o--4--x-x--2--x-x----------|------------o|----------------| D:o--------------------------|------------o|----------------| A:---------------------------|-------------|----------------| E:---------------------------|--3--3b--5---|--3--3b---0.----| [Riff 7] e:------------------------------| B:------------------------------| G:------------------------------| D:------------------------------| A:--2--2--4--4--2---------------| E:--0--0--0--0--0---4.-5.-------| PM ----------------------| [Riff 8] e:----------------------------------------------------------| B:-------12--14-----14b15r14p12---14p12---------------------| G:-12-13--------13----------------------13------------------| D:----------------------------------------------------------| A:----------------------------------------------------------| E:----------------------------------------------------------| e:---------------------------------------| B:-------12-14----14b15r14p12---14~------| G:-12-13-------13------------------------| D:---------------------------------------| A:---------------------------------------| E:---------------------------------------| [Riff 9] e:-------------------------------------------------------------------| B:-------------------------------------------------------------------| G:------------------14b16r14p13---14p13------------------------------| D:--------12-14-------------------------14---------------------------| A:--12-14------------------------------------------------------------| E:--------------12---------------------------------------------------| [Fill 1] - played with octave/fuzz e:---12----12-12--12-------------------------------------------------| B:-------------------------------------------------------------------| G:----9-----9--9---9-------------------------------------------------| D:-------------------------------------------------------------------| A:-------------------------------------------------------------------| E:-------------------------------------------------------------------| Song progression: [Riff 1] 35 times On the 16th time: Ba - by, Ba - by, I'm gonna bring it on home to you. I've got my ticket, I've got that load. Got up, gone higher, all aboard. With [Riff 2] 4 times Take my seat, right way back. With [Riff 1] 4 times Watch this train roll down the track. With [Riff 3] 1 time I'm gonna bring it on home, Play Half of [Riff 2] bring it on home to you. With [Riff 1] 2 times Watch out, watch out, make room. Play [Riff 3] and then [Riff 3a] ..... [Riff 4] + [Riff 5] + [Riff 9] 4 times, On third time enter [Riff 8] and cut [Riff 9] out. With [Riff 6]: Try to tell you baby, What you tryin' to do? Tryin' to love me baby, Love some other man too. Bring it on home, Bring it on home. Went a little walk downtown, Messed and got back late. Found a note there waiting It said "Daddy, I just can't wait." Bring it on home, Bring it on home, Bring it back home, Bring it back home to me baby. [Riff 4] + [Riff 5] + [Riff 9] 4 times, On third time enter [Riff 8] and cut [Riff 9] out. With [Riff 6]: Tell you pretty baby, You love to mess me 'roun'. I'm gonna give you lovin', baby. Gonna move you outta town. Bring it on home, Bring it on home. (Add [Fill 1] 8 times here:) Sweetest little baby Daddy ever saw I'm gonna give you lovin' baby, I'm gonna give you more. Bring it on home, Bring it on home, Bring it on home, Alright. [Riff 4] + [Riff 5] + [Riff 9] 4 times, On third time enter [Riff 8] and cut [Riff 9] out. [Riff 4] x1 Then: [Riff 3] x1 Bring it on home, [Riff 2] x1 Bring it on home to you. [Riff 1] x1 [Riff 7] x1 [Riff 3] x1 [Riff 3a] x1 [Outro]: D#7 E7 e:----------------12---------12----------12---------------------| B:-------------9------9--10------10--11-----11--12\-------------| G:-------------------------------------------------------6----7-| D:-------------9------9--10------10--11-----11--12\------5----6-| A:-------------------------------------------------------6----7-| E:--0~~~~----------------------------------------------0----0---|