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 Four Sticks de Led Zeppelin

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Four Sticks - Led Zeppelin sur
b = Bend v = Downstroke For the main Riff (get a pen, It's so complex, you'll need to write this down), Jimmy Page uses a guitar on distortion. For the Riff 2, Page uses an acoustic 6 string. And for the part played with the synthesizer, he plays both an acoustic and an electric. ****************************** Four Sticks *********************************** Led Zeppelin IV Main Riff (Repeat as nessecery for verse) e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- b|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- g|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- d|-----------5b-----------5b-----------5b-----------5b----------7-------5---- a|--4--5--7--0---4--5--7--0---4--5--7--0---4--5--7--0---4--5----7-------5---- E|--0--0--0------0--0--0------0--0--0------0--0--0------0--0----5-------3---- e|-----------------------------------------| b|-----------------------------------------| g|-----------------------------------------| d|-----------5b-----------5b----7-------5--| a|--4--5--7--0---4--5--7--0-----7-------5--| E|--0--0--0------0--0--0--------5-------3--| Riff 2 (When the owls cry in the night) e|--------------0---------------0---------------0----------------0--------0-- b|--------------0---------------0---------------0----------------0--------0-- g|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- d|--7--7--7--7------9--9--9--9--------7-----------------------7--------7----- a|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|--5--5--5--5------7--7--7--7--------9-----------------------9--------9----- e|--------------0---------------0---------------0----------------0--------0-- b|--------------0---------------0---------------0----------------0--------0-- g|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- d|--7--7--7--7------5--5--5--5--------4-----------------------4--------4----- a|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|--5--5--5--5------3--3--3--3--------2-----------------------2--------2----- Riff 3: (guitar played in sync with sythesizer) e|-------------------------------------------------| b|-------------------------------------------------| g|---------------------------5-----7-----9-----11--| d|--9-----7-----5-----9------3-----5-----7-----9---| a|--7-----5-----3-----7----------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------| Lyrics: Oh, baby, it's crying time (Riff 1) Oh, baby, I've got to fly Got to try to find a way Got to try to get away Cause you know I got to get away from you babe Oh, baby, the river's red Ah, baby, in my head There's a funny feeling going on I don't think I can hold out long And when the owls cry in the night (Riff 2) Oh, baby, when the pines begin to cry Baby, baby, how do you feel? If the rivers run dry, baby, how would you feel? (Riff 1) Craze, baby, rainbow's end Oh, baby, it's just a den for those who hide Who hide their love to the depths of life And ruin dreams that we all knew so babe And when the owls cry in the night (Riff 2) Oh, baby, when the pines begin to cry Baby, baby, how do you feel? If the rivers run dry, baby, how would you feel? Ah, baby how do you feel (Riff 3) Oh, brave I endure (Riff 1) Ooh, yeah, strong sheilds of love They can hold the wrath of those who walk And the boots of those who march Baby, through the Roads of Time so long ago (Riff 1) Fade out