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 How Many More Times de Led Zeppelin

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How Many More Times - Led Zeppelin sur
Zeppelin - How Many More Times From the CD 'Led Zeppelin' Written by Bonham/Jones/Page Atlantic Records 82632-4 This is from part air guitar, part improvisation, so there are bound to be mistakes. Lyrics were taken from Stuart Christopherson's version of this song, in chord format ( The original tab was done by Chaos ( The song is in E Standard tuning [EADGBe] (low to high). Jimmy Pena - | = not a standard bar line; just used to separate music ~ = vibrato or held note h = hammer on p = pull off s = slide b = bend string up to indicated pitch/fret r = release bend to indicated string/fret tr = trill; play the note(s) indicated rapidly and repeatedly (same thing as tremolo picking) o \_ o / repeat sign (always look for these!) [x35553] = fret box; this is a C chord - this is the same as standard tablature, only turned on its side. Tilt your head clockwise to read. + = bass position for wah-wah pedal (depressed fully back) o = treble position for wah-wah pedal (depressed fully forward) [Intro] - use wah-wah pedal o + o + o etc + o + o + etc + o + o + e:----------------|-------|-------------|-----|-----|-----|----|-----| B:----------------|-------|-------------|-----|-----|-----|----|-----| G:--9~------------|-------|--9~---------|-----|--9~-|-----|-9~-|-----| D:--9~------------|--9\---|--9~---------|--9\-|--9~-|--9\-|-9~-|--9\-| A:--7~------------|--7\---|--7~---------|--7\-|--7~-|--7\-|-7~-|--7\-| E:----------------|-------|-------------|-----|-----|-----|----|-----| tr tr [Riff 1] [Fill 1] E D A e:-------------------------------------|---------------5--5--5-------| B:-------------------------------------|---7--7--7-----5--5--5-------| G:-------------------------------------|---7--7--7-----6--6--6-------| D:-------------------------------------|---7--7--7-----7--7--7-------| A:-----7--5----5~----------7-5---5-----|---5--5--5-----7--7--7-------| E:--0-------7--------0---------7-------|---------------5--5--5-------| [Fill 2] [Fill 3] E e:-----------------------|------------5-5-5----0~--------------------| B:--7-7-7---9~~----7~----|----7-7-7---5-5-5----0~--------------------| G:--7-7-7---9~~----7~----|----7-7-7---6-6-6----1~--------------------| D:--7-7-7---9~~----7~----|----7-7-7---7-7-7----2~--------------------| A:--5-5-5---7~~----5~----|----5-5-5---7-7-7----2~--------------------| E:-----------------------|------------5-5-5----0~--------------------| Song progression: [Intro] x1 With [Riff 1]: How many more times treat me the way you wanna do? How many more times treat me the way you wanna do? [Fill 1] x1 When I give you all my love please, please be true. I'll give you all I got to give, rings, pearls and all. I'll give you all I've got to give, rings, pearls and all. I've got to get you together baby. [Fill 2] x1 I'm sure, sure you're gonna crawl. [Guitar Solo] - Wish I could transcribe it! Sounds like a solo over E and D on rhythm guitar I can only tab the ending. Repeat first section as necessary, then do the last bit. e:---------------------------------------|---------------------------| B:----5--7--7b9~~----7b9---7--5h7p5------|---9~-------9\-------------| G:o-7~------------------------------7~~-o|---9~-------9\-------------| D:o-------------------------------------o|---9~-------9\-------------| A:---------------------------------------|---7~-------7\-------------| E:---------------------------------------|---------------------------| tr [Riff 2] - goes with the next part, then just do whatever you want I guess e:-------------------------------------------------------------------| B:-------------------------------------------------------------------| G:-------------------------------------------------------------------| D:-------------------------------------------------------------------| A:-------------------------------------------------------------------| E:---7s10~~~~-----7s4~~~~~-------------------------------------------| I was a young man, I couldn't resist Started thinking it over, just what I had missed. Got me a girl and I kissed her and then and then Whoops, oh Lordy, well I did it again. Now I got ten children of my own. I got another child on the way, that makes eleven. You know I'm in constant heaven. I know it's all right in my mind I got a little schoolgirl and she's all mine. I can't get through to her cause it doesn't permit Start hitting E [x7999x] But I'm gonna give her everything I've got to give. E E Oh Rosie, oh girl E E Oh Rosie, oh girl E E Steal away now, steal away E E Steal away baby, steal away E E Little Robert Anthony wants to come and play. E Why don't you come to me baby? E E E Steal away, all right, all right. [Riff 3] - with the next set of lyrics e:-------------------------------------------------------------------| B:------------------------------9------------------------------------| G:o-----------------------------9-----------------------------------o| D:o-----------------------------9-----------------------------------o| A:------------------------------7------------------------------------| E:---0---0-0--5-5-5-5-5s7--0-----------------------------------------| [Lyrics lovingly taken from an Albert King song] They call me the hunter, that's my name They call me the hunter, that's how I got my fame E E E E E E E etc Ain't no need to hide, D D D D D D etc Ain't need to run E E Cause I've got you in the sights of my gun..... With [Riff 1]: [Fill 1] How many more times barrelhouse all night long? [Fill 1] How many more times barrelhouse all night long? I've got to get you, baby. [Fill 1] but different timing Baby, please come home. With [Fill 1]: Why don't you please come home? With [Fill 3]: Why don't you please come home? [Fill 3] x3 Strike E [x7999x] many times