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 Lz Time Of Dying de Led Zeppelin

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Lz Time Of Dying - Led Zeppelin sur
In My Time Of Dying Led Zeppelin A few things to note: This song is played with a slide in standard tuning (as far as I can tell). I may have some of the nuances a little off (like where to begin a particular slide etc.), but hopefully this will give you an idea of how to play it. Opening riff: (set tone to "crunchy" :-)) e |---------------------------------|-----------------------| B |---------------------------------|-----------------------| G |-3\2^0-2/3/5~--0-3\2^0-(0)/12~---|-3\2^0-2/3/5~-0-3\1^0--| D |-3\2^0-2/3/5~--0-3\2^0-(0)/12~---|-3\2^0-2/3/5~-0-3\1^0--| A |---------------------------------|-----------------^-----| E |---------------------------------|-----------------|-----| | | wait slow slide | | e |---------------------------------|-----------------|-----| B |-----------------------------12~-|-----------------v-----| G |-3\2^0-2/3/5~--0-3\2^0-(0)/12--~-|-3\2^0-2/3/5--0-3\1----| D |-3\2^0-2/3/5~--0-3\2^0-(0)/12--~-|-3\2^0-2/3/5--0-3\1----| A |---------------------------------|-----------------------| E |---------------------------------|-----------------------| Another part: e |-----------------------------|---------------------------| B |-----------------------------|---------------------------| G |-0-3-5---0-(5)/7-0-(3)/5\3-0-|-0-3-5---0-(5)/7-0-(3)/5-3-| D |-0-3-5---0-(5)/7-0-(3)/5\3-0-|-0-3-5---0-(5)/7-0-(3)/5-3-| A |-----------------------------|---------------------------| E |-----------------------------|---------------------------| Repeat that once. Yet another part: (a little faster than previous progressions) e |------------------------|--------------------------------| B |------------------------|--------------------------------| G |-(3)/7~-0-(3)/5^0-3-0-:-|-/12~-0-(3)/5^0-3^0-:--5-(hold)-| D |-(3)/7~-0-(3)/5^0-3-0-:-|-/12~-0-(3)/5^0-3^0-:--5-(hold)-| A |----------------------^-|--------------------^-----------| E |----------------------|-|--------------------|-----------| repeat repeat Now, right after that last 5-5 power chord, there's a little piece that I can't figure out. It leads to this fast part, tight with the drums: e |---------------------------------------------------------| B |---------------------------------------------------------| G |-(2)/3\2^0-(2)/3\2-0-(2)/5\3-0-(right here I usually play some) D |-(2)/3\2^0-(2)/3\2-0-(2)/5\3-0-(fast 0-0 "fills"; 3 or 4, drums) A |---------------------------------------------------------| E |---------------------------------------------------------| Repeat several times. I'm not sure what the standard nomenclature is, but here is what I meant: (X)/Y : Start slide at X fret, slide up to Y fret. X^Y : Pull slide off strings. X~ : Hold and "wiggle" slide for a tremolo effect. This is my first tab, so please refrain from flaming, although corrections are more than welcome. At the very least, your friends will recognize this tune. I recommend listening to the song, of course. Have fun! Mike