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 The Girl I Love Bbc Sessions de Led Zeppelin

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The Girl I Love Bbc Sessions - Led Zeppelin sur
The Girl I love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair Performed by Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions Tabbed by Ryan Langley Lyrics from Faizal Karim> Here's one of the unreleased songs off of thier BBC album. The song itself isnt hard but the solo is pretty hard. 5b bend 7p pull-off 4h hammer-on 4/ slide down 4\ slide up Intro/Verse e-------------------------------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------------------------------- G-------------------------------------------------------------- D--------------7p--5-----5---5-----5h--7----------------------- A------0---0----------7---------7------------------------------ E-------------------------------------------5---5---3---0--3h-5 Bridge e-------------------------------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------------------------------- G-------------------7------------------5----------------------- D-------------------5------------------5----------------------- A-------------------5------------------3----------------------- E-------------------0------------------0----------------------- O.K here's the solo e-----------12------------------------------------------------- B--------12------15b---15b------------------------------------- G---14b---------------------12h--14-------12h--14-------12h--14 D------------------------------------14------------14---------- A-------------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------------- e--------------12---------------------------------------------- B-----------12------15\17b---15h--17--------------------------- G--14--14b----------------------------17---17b---12h--14------- D---------------------------------------------------------14--- A-------------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------------- e----------------------------14p--12-----14p--12----14p--12---- B----7\8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-----------13----------13---------13- G------9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9------------------------------------- D-------------------------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------------- e---13----13----13----13--------------------------------------- B---15b---15b---15b---15b----------22b--22b--22b--------------- G-------------------------------------------------------------- D-------------------------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------------- Intro(4x) Bridge(1x) Verse(10x) Bridge(1x) Solo Bridge(1x) Verse(10x) Whoa,the girl I love she's got long black wavy hair I do declare The girl I love,she's got long black wavy hair, Ah yeah, Her mother and her father,Lordy, Sure don't,sure dont want me there Well I,go back to my baby,Lord I,Iswear I wouldn't lie I never saw that sweet woman yeah For five long years gone by,yeah Well I said whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh,I I'm goin home Cause she's a sweet little darlin',whoa I said I been away, ah for too long I been away too long Well,when my baby walks she shakes,she shakes Just like awillow tree, yes she does Well my baby,when she walks,walks all over me you know Oh that sweeter baby You know she walks all over me Ooh yeah Whoa Love my baby Lyrics: Whoa, the girl I love, she's got long black wavy hair I do declare! The girl I love, yeah, she's got long black wavy hair, Ah yeah, Her Mother and her Father, Lordy, Sure don't, sure don't want me there. Well I, I go back to my baby, Lord I, I swear I wouldn't lie I never saw that sweet woman yeah For five long years gone by, yeah. Well I, said I, whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh, I I'm goin' home 'Cos she's a sweet little darlin', whoa I said I been away, ah for too long. I been away too long. Well, when my baby walks, she shakes Just like a willow tree, yes she does. Well my baby, when she walks, you know Oh that sweeter baby You know she walks, walks all over me. Ooh yeah. Whoa. Love my baby.