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 The Ocean de Led Zeppelin

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The Ocean - Led Zeppelin sur
Some of the other "tards", like General Napolean wrote this song out wrong. This is the right way to play it I tell you. I'm the Man, nobody beats me. h= hammer-on pm=palm mute Opening riff: Play it four times ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- --5h7--5h7---5---------------5--------7-----7-------------- ----------------7------5--7-----5--7-----4-----5--7-------- -------------------8--------------------------------------- This is the Chord Progression: ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- --7-7-7-7----5-5-5-5--------------7-7-7-7------------------ --7-7-7-7----5-5-5-5---2----2-----7-7-7-7------------------ --5-5-5-5----3-3-3-3---0----0-----5-5-5-5------------------ --5-5-5-5----3-3-3-3-----3--------5-5-5-5------------------ Atfter this go back to the main riff. But after the----------------------- ----------------------- ----------------------- --5h7--5h7--5---------- ---------------7------- -------------------8--- After this part do a palm mute on the low E string. This doesn't include the solo, but it shall have to do. In your face Napolean. You Suck!!!!