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 Let Love Rule de Lenny Kravitz

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Let Love Rule - Lenny Kravitz sur Guitariff.net
Here is a song I've posted on alt.guitar.tab Enjoy plaing it! Cheers Christer Varan (christ@octopus.et.tudelft.nl) Let love rule (unplugged version) -- Lenny Kravitz Legend: E : 022100 G : 355433 G# : 466544 A : 577655 A# : 688766 C : 81010988 E G Love is gentle as a rose E G G G# A and love can concure any war A A# C it's time to take a stand brothers and sisters join hands Chorus: N.C We've got to let love G A C G "Let love rule" G we've got to let love rule G A C G "Let love rule" E G Love transcends all space and time E G (and baby) love can make a little child smile (yes it will) E oh baby can't you see G G G# A ----------------------------- A A# C but we, we've got to be strong we can't do it alone Chorus { Sax solo over instrumental version of 2nd verse} Chorus {Fade til end}