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Date: Sat, 6 Apr 1996 16:49:05 -0500 Gentlemen, Unlike Open Country Joy, I'm a little more comfortable with this tab.....primarily cause its in open D and its a slide tune......makes tabbing a lot easier. Charlie, you need to work on your slide....sure a lot easier than trying to figure out "Jesus Maria"!! :-) This tune sorta confirms what Dave was talking about regarding use of first string for slide....especially the 2 to 4 move on 1st string...basic Open D slide (open G its to the 5th fret). At the same time it also shows Leo's use of lower strings for single note lines... especially on 12 string. I have no clue who wrote this (maybe listed in Bruce's page but I haven't checked) but it's a melody from way back and not a Leo original...I don't think...sounds too familiar. This *thing* has a *real country* flavor to it. Kinda smacks of Nashville steel guitar playing..... I can see a 1950's sock hop in some Texas high school gymnasium with the pony-tailed girls and white socks and loafer boys slow dancing to this. I think Leo has a little more red-neck in him than he's generally given credit for....after all, he lived in Oklahoma, Montana, etc. His covers of Tumbling Tumbleweeds and several others are prime examples again.......IMHO. This is simple yet hard to play all at the same time. Charlie...this is a good one to work your slide on. Unlike many of Leo's up tempo slide tunes, this thing requires some real precision with the slide to make it work...otherwise it sounds like a hound dog (or Bassett) howling at the moon (ie my rendition). You gotta be dead on with the slide and there are many notes with slide were vibrato is *not* in order, ie. you got nail it dead on. Be honest with you.....I tabbed this out a couple years ago....I haven't given it a QA....hope its okay....worked back when. Don't play it alot...fact is...I don't really like it that much! No matter....again, no pride of authorship. You see something wrong please let me know. Dave/John.....now that ya'll done Ice Miner....this leaves only one tune left to do on Kottke/Fahey/Lang LP (is that the name of it...always get order of names backwards....betcha Charlie will set me straight if I'm wrong!). Forget name of last tune (Red and White something) but you said you were working on it? "ANYWAY" Leo Kottke From: Kottke/Fahey/Lang Tab: Jim Jarrell Open D (tuned down 1/2 step or so) 12-String (all fretted notes played with slide except where noted... I think!) / slide v vibrato T Thumb (or back of I or M finger if playing without fingerpicks) a arpeggio Intro: |-------------------------- |--------0-----0-----0----- |-----0-----0-----0-----0-- |--------0-----0-----0----- |-------------------------- |--0----------------------- 1. v v v |---2-/-4--------5----/-7----------5---------- |--------------------------3-/5---------5----- |-------------0----------------------------5-- |----------0--------0-----------5------------- |--------------------------------------------- |---0------------0---------3-/5------5-------- 2. v v |-----7-/9------5----/-7-------7------------ |-------------------------7---------7------- |------------0------------------------7/-0-- |--0-------0-------0---------7-------------- |------------------------------------------- |-----0---------0---------7-------7--------- v |-----2-/-4-------5----/-7--- |---------------------------- |--------------0------------- |------------0-------0------- |---------------------------- |--0--------------0---------- 3. v v |---------5-----------------------7-- |---------------5-------------------- |---5-----------------5-/7-----7----- |------5----------------------------- |------------------5--------7-------- |---X--------5----------------------- |------------------------------------ |------------------------------------ |-----7---------8-----------10------- |----------7-/8------8-/10----------- |--------7----------------------10--- |--7---------------8----------------- T 4. v v |-----10-/12---------------------12----- |--------------------------------------- |------------------------10-/12--------- |------------------------------------0-- |-----------------0----0---------------- |--0----------0-0----0------------------ 5. |-----------10-/12-------------------- |------0-----------------10-/12------- |--------0-------------0-----------0-- |--------------------------------0---- |------------------------------------- |--0-0--------------0----------------- T 6. v |-------------------------10-/12-------------- |--8-/9\-8/-9-----9-------------------10/12--- |--8-/9\-8/-9-----------------------0-------0- |--8-/9\-8/-9-------9------------------------- |--8-/9\-8/-9-------------------------------- |--------------9-------0----------0----------- T T 7. |---------------------------------5---------- |--3-/4\-3/-4-----4-----------5-----5-4------ |--3-/4\-3/-4------------4/-5---5--------5--- |--3-/4\-3/-4-------------------------------- |--3-/4\-3/-4-------------------------------- |--------------4------4---------------------- T 8. this measure without slide v |--------------------------------------------- |--0-------------------0----------0--2--4----- |--0--0---------------------0-----0----------- |------------0-------------------------------- |------------------------------4--0---------0- |--0-----0---0---2--4-----0------------------- a a a 9. |---------------5-/7------------- |--3-/-5--------------7---------- |--3-/-5---5------------7-------- Repeat from |------------5------------------- measure 1. |--3-/-5------------------------- |--------------------------7--0-- a T