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 Breathing de Lifehouse

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Breathing - Lifehouse sur
Lifehouse - Breathing > Tabbed by Chris King and Trevor Rideout > The following tablature is the author's own work > > This song sounds great, and it's fairly easy to play! > > > Intro Chords: Dm, C, Bb, C x4 > > Verse 1: > Dm C Bb C > I'm finding my way back to sanity again > Dm > C Bb C > Dm C > Bb C > Dm C Bb C > > > Chorus 1: > F C Bb F C > I am hanging on every word you say > Dm C > Bb C > F C Bb > 'Cause I want nothing.... > F C Dm C > Bb C > (Intro Chords x2) > Use the chord progression from the first verse for the second verse... Then go to the second chorus, but instead of "sit outside heavens door" it is "your door"... Bridge: (play intro chords once before bridge - transition with 'Am') E Bb I don't want a thing from you... E Bb B Bb Dm C Bb Chorus 1: 2x Have fun guys, it's a great song. I think there may be a few other chords in there through some of the transitions, but the it sounds fine without them.