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 Bound In A Nutshell de Lightning Seeds

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Bound In A Nutshell - Lightning Seeds sur
2 from the Cloudcuckooland album. The C#m is a bit dodgy to me, it could be an A but I haven't got a good enough ear to tell. THE LIGHTNING SEEDS: Bound in a Nutshell Intro: E .. A B E C#m Bound in a nutshell, lost in our weary eyes E C#m (not sure about this one) We're tumbledown people living our tumbledown lives A B But a breath of life could make our engines roar E A B Oh, we're far from power, north of desire High and dry, hoping you'll send us From your mouth, instead of lies A kiss of life for sleeping giants Broken, bound and battered, freezing on picket lines A colder frost can shatter and chain us for all our lives A E F#m E A E F#m E They spin our world from cruel to kind, and make our futures a downward slide A E F#m E F#m A B The strong get strong, and still want more, but day by day the giants thaw Tomorrow must be calling with an open door There's noone left to start our revolution anymore We need some flames to burn down every door Oh, we're far from power, north of desire Tied and bound by all these lies Step by step open tired eyes With a kiss of life for sleeping giants -- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tim Villa Pantera Digest: mail subscription requests to --------------------------------------------------------------------------------