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 January Song de Lindisfarne

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January Song - Lindisfarne sur
e: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 22:45:16 GMT January Song by Lindisfarne From the album Fog On The Tyne Submitted by Malc Brookes> Tuning: Standard, EADGBE. Chords: G 320033 Am7 x02213 Cadd4 x32033 Intro (play 4 times): G e|------3------------------| B|------3-------3-----3----| G|------0---------------0--| D|------0---------0-2------| A|------2---0-2------------| E|--3---3------------------| G Am7 G Fmaj7 F I'm feeling rather sorry for a man I know, Cmaj7 C G D Dsus4 D The world he holds in trembling hands is asking where to go. G Am7 G Fmaj7 F And as he stares out at me from the mirrored wall, Cmaj7 C G E I see that he is trying to cry, but the tears they will not fall. C D Dsus4 D His life is passing by behind his tired eyes, G C D Dsus4 D Like the colours in the January sky. And useless it is to question things concerning the past, It seems so very obvious that nothing at all can last. And just as sure as tomorrow will soon be yesterday, The love you thought you occupied will surely drift away. But I need you to help me carry on. You need me need you need him need everyone. And love is such a small word for something that is so vast, But in it lies the future, the present and the past. And speaking now of changes, I sometimes feel the fear, That the reason for the meaning will even disappear. I need you to help me carry on, G Cadd4 D You need me need you need him need everyone, G Cadd4 D You need me need you need him need everyone, G Cadd4 D You need me need you need him need everyone... Repeat to fade.