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 In The End de Linkin Park

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In The End - Linkin Park sur
Linkin Park - In The End By Harvester Of Sorrow ( INTRO (played on a piano) Eb|---------------------| Bb|---------------------| On the 4th time through, don't play Gb|---------------------| the "9-9-9h10". Just play: Db|---9-9---------------| 9 9 Ab|-7-----10-9-9-9-9h10-| 7 10 9 Db|---------------------| VERSE1a Eb|--------19*-------------------| Bb|-20-19*--------20-19-------17-| Gb|------------------------------| Db|------------------------------| Ab|------------------------------| Db|------------------------------| CHORUS Eb|-----------------------------------------------| Bb|-----------------------------------------------| Gb|-------------------------7-7-77-7-7-5-5-55-5---| Db|-2-22-2-2-2/5-5-55-5-5-0-7-7-77-7-7-5-5-55-5-0-| Ab|-2-22-2-2-2/5-5-55-5-5-0-5-5-55-5-5-3-3-33-3-0-| Db|-2-22-2-2-2/5-5-55-5-5-0-0-------------------0-| ^make sure you hit it hard, and let ring "so the end........matter..." At the same time the CHORUS is kicking in, a 2nd guitar is playing: VERSE1b Eb|-------19---------------------| Bb|-20-19---------20-19-------17-| There are no harmonics being played here. Gb|------------------------------| Just hit all the notes loud and clear. Db|------------------------------| Ab|------------------------------| Db|------------------------------| After the CHORUS finishes the 1st time, the 2nd guitar continues playing VERSE1a. After the CHORUS finishes the 2nd time, play the INTRO again. Final time through VERSE1b at the end, while hold the 17th fret, if you lightly hammer the 14thfret on the bottom string while the lead guitar is playing the final note in the CHORUS (3 open strings), you will get a resonance similar to the one on the CD track that you hear @ 3:06... bend VERY slightly towards the end, and it will hold longer. Again, play the INTRO 4 times. Then, as the piano is fading away, play this as light as you can: OUTRO Eb|-------------------| Bb|-------------------| Gb|-------9-11-12-11--| Db|-----9-------------| Ab|-7-10--------------| Db|-------------------|