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 Crawling de Linkin Park

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Song: Crawling (05) Artist: Linkin Park Album: Hybrid Theory (2000) Tab by: Paul D Here is the bass tab for Crawling by Linkin Park. Played in Standard Five String Tuning (B,E,A,D,G) Wait until 0:14, then Prechorus G|------------------------------- D|---2---2-----------2---2------- A|-0---2---4-2-----0---2---4-2--- x1 E|-------------0-4-------------0- B|------------------------------- The first time you play this, play up until the first open "E." Chorus G|--------------------------- D|--------------------------- A|-------0------7------------ x2 E|---------------------7---4- B|-2------------------------- Verse G|---------------------------- D|---------------------------- A|-------5-------------------- x3 E|-------------0-----7[/10\7]- B|-2-------------------------- The first time you play the verse, the second time you go through the sequence, there is a slide. This is marked in the [brackets] Then Prechorus x1 Chorus x2 Verse x3 Prechorus x1 Chorus x6 On the third chorus from the last set, there is a variation that looks like this. G|------------------ D|------------------ A|---6-4-0--7------- E|----------------7- B|-2---------------- There is another variation on the 6th chorus in the final x6 chorus, that goes something like this, almost the same as the previous one. I'm not completely sure, if anyone figures out I'm wrong, email me, and I'll change it. G|------------------- D|------------------- A|---4h6-4-0---7----- E|-----------------7- B|-2----------------- That's it. Pretty easy song. Questions, comments, suggestions, hatemail, general conversation, email me, or Aol Instant Messenger SN StarFighter169. Enjoy... This tab is completely my own work, and i will accept suggestions on how to make it better. NOTE: This song can be played on a down tuned 4 string bass. I'll get working on that version, and I'll add it to this one. rock on