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 Endless Love de Lionel Richie

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Endless Love - Lionel Richie sur
ENDLESS LOVE words and music by Lionel Richie performed by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross (1981) and by Luthor Vandross and Mariah Carey (1992) [Bb]My love, there's only [Eb]you in my life The [F]only [Bb]thing that's right My first love You're every [Eb]breath that I take You're [F]every [Bb]step I make [F] And [Eb]I, [F]I want to [Bb]share [F]all my [Gm]love[Dm] with [Eb]you No one [F]else will [Bb]do And your [Eb]eyes They [F]tell me how [Bb]much you [F]care [Gm] [F]Oh, [Eb]yes You will [Dm7]always [Cm7]be, [Eb]My endless [Bb]love [Bb]Two hearts, two hearts that [Eb]beat as one Our [F]lives have [Bb]just begun Forever, I'll hold you [Eb]close in my arms [F]I can't re[Bb]sist your charms [F] And [Eb]love [F]I'll be a [Bb]fool [F]for [Gm]you [Dm]I'm [Eb]sure you [F]know I don't [Bb]mind 'Cause [Eb]you, [F]you mean the [Bb]world to [F]me. [Gm] [F]Oh, I [Eb]know [Dm7]I found in [Cm7]you, My endless [Bb]love [Eb] [F] [Bb] [Eb] [Bb] Oh,- And [Eb]love [F]I'll be that [Bb]fool [F]for [Gm7] you [F]I'm [Eb]sure you [F]know I don't [Eb]mind [Bb] And [Eb]yes, [F]you'll be the [Bb]only [F]one [Gm] [Dm] [Ebmaj7]'Cause no one can de[Dm7]ny This [Ebmaj7]love I have in[Dm7]side And I'll [Ebmaj7]give it all to [Dm7]you. [Cm7]My love [Eb] My endless [Bb]love [Eb] [E/F] [F] [Bb] This is a difficult song to get the timing for unless you have the recorded version to listen. Good luck.